Wednesday, December 21, 2016

an end of year slap in the face

nothing wraps up a year better than hearing a dear friend tell you things you've known all along. not only is it loving, it's affirming. affirming enough to make you realise, 'yeah, those changes you've been thinking about making for the past five years? now's the time because you're getting old and soon you'll be in that place where, if you make the decisions then, you'll be that old guy doing stuff that mostly younger people are doing, and that makes you weird."

sure it sounds a little ageist, but that's ok because i'm embracing it. i'm a little bit ageist. i'm a little bit a lot of things, and rather than exorcise them from my system on this faux-virtuous path to modern-day, politically correct perfection, i'm going to continue to embrace all the little naughty quirks that have made me relatively ok in the 35 years i've been alive.

i'm also going to do a lot more complaining. complaining is my jam. it's how i best communicate. fuck how my parents said complaining won't get me anywhere. i can complain with a certain eloquence over a variety of formats: poetry, prose, spoken word, etc. i tend not to complain over anything too ephemeral, say a facebook status, because that complaining goes nowhere and contributes to the false sense of activism that makes the world a sick place and got social miscreants like donald trump in office. my complaining has the edge of bukowski, the melody of hemingway, the depth of pound, and the colour of fitzgerald. but it's still all me.

i'm going to complain and complain and complain all i want and it's going to sound great and people will pull up chairs to listen and they'll never need to ask any questions because it's all there. crystal clear, like a bell on a cold winter night. stark, straight, and the slap in the face we all need to hear.

to a 2017 filled with complaining.