Tuesday, February 10, 2015

straight outta shoreditch

there are three things that could be said of nikola tesla. the first is that he was a genius, and for reasons so obvious, i don't need to elaborate. the second is that he's hot. i mean look at him. the hair may be a little dated, but in the age of hipster-driven fashion, it would be considered appropriately ironic, and therefore quite in vogue.
which brings us to the third, and by far the most prevalent. he's so east london, it's not even funny. he's giving the shoreditch semi-smile, filtered by instagram's finest vintage look. he could have just walked out of the joiner's arms. he could be sat at that long table in the lobby of the ace, face illuminated by his macbook pro, waiting for some tattooed guy to bring over his flat white from bulldog edition. this photo may have been taken in 1890, but if it were to be posted on someone's facebook profile today, i wouldn't think twice.

and an honorable mention goes to the fact that the man knew his look (or his lewk, apparently) because he kept it until his dying day. now that's a level of consistency we can all appreciate.

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