Friday, February 06, 2015


i miss american coffee. not overall, just in this moment. it's friday morning and i slightly overslept, an accidental move that threw me into the abysmal depths of the next sleep cycle, leaving me feeling like i'm drugged up and stuck inside a very tightly insulated shell.

so maybe it's not the actual coffee i miss, but the all the hoo ha and morning drudgery around the consumption of it. the moody girl literally dragging herself into the office, eyes puffed halfway shut, makeup hastily applied, making the lines of demarcation clearly visible. one time you said "good morning!" to her but she shot you a sudden daggers glance that said, "not before my coffee." half an hour later, after she's sufficiently caffeinated with a 32 ounce (909.21ml) coffee that tasted like a yankee candle, she's a completely different person. awake, alert and ready to converse.

you don't really get that in the UK, at least not to the american extreme. and i feel like that girl today, in need of the transformation that turns her from a surgery patient, just awakened from her anaesthetic, to a fully functional human being, capable of answering phones, replying to text messages and tweeting at the same time. 

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