Friday, February 25, 2011

putting it out there

i have nothing to say but at the same time everything. somebody throw me a life saver filled with mental metamucil because i am creatively constipated. just the opposite of a block, i'm full of stuff to say but an inability to say it for whatever reason has caused my creative sphincter to clench without rest.
con. sti. pa. ted. is the opposite of constipated emancipated?

i've decided to start posting regularly on this thing again. i haven't contributed anything recently because, as i said, i've been creatively constipated. i felt that, if what i posted wasn't some huge, conceptual essay with the bite of baby and universal appeal of those damn stieg larsson books, then it wasn't worth posting. well, it's my blog. it's my voice, my wall, my forum, my shopping mall. if i choose to open a kiosk that sells outdated calendars well past the holiday season simply because i like the look of them, then i will open that kiosk and situate it right next to my favorite mall store, the hot topic. because in a high school like wyoming valley west, sometimes going goth is all a boy has to stand out from the logo t-shirt, ill-fitting jeans sporting crowds.

i want to shed my skin for a day and try something else on. see how the others live from their perspective, just so i can be reminded that the grass isn't always greener on the other side, so that at the end of the day, i can retire to my vividly verdant meadow and rest assured that i'm not missing out on somebody else's party. mine is just fine.

ok i rhymed enough to get some semblance of juice flowing. here i go, again on my own...