Tuesday, April 12, 2011


yesterday's anger sure gave way to today's humming mood. i realized my obsession with "born this way" is borne of a repressed childhood need for such a song. at a young age riddled with confusion, hate, conflict and adversity, i really needed an anthem like "born this way" but all i really had was "express yourself." it's a great song and all, but i was a smart cookie and trying to adapt the message of "tell your man what you want so he will respect you" was too far of a stretch to actually to extract any actual confidence. and i wasn't a feminist, so an upbeat tune was all "express yourself" could ever really offer me. now born this way comes out and it's literally all about me because it's about everybody. if i had "born this way" in 6th grade, i would have told a lot more people to fuck off. hell, i'd actually have the guts to use the word "fuck" and that, in itself, would be an advancement.

and as far as "born this way" bearing any similarities to "express yourself," other than embracing your own needs of self-love before those of anyone else, i honestly don't hear them. like not at all. whatever. i'm beautiful in my way...


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