Monday, September 27, 2010

there he is!

back i am. and though i haven't gone anywhere, i feel as though i've taken a trip around the world and came back with a dog and a new haircut. that is the cliche, isn't it? or was that just the odd appendage that lurked somewhere near the climax of the first sex and the city movie? hmmm.

though i didn't go anywhere physical, i did, in fact, take a trip. i took a trip around me and learned a few things. strengths. weaknesses. the ability to appreciate both. now you may ask, "but bryanambition, how did this all come on?" well i'll tell you, and i won't even stretch this part out in an arbitrary way to build suspense, ultimately leading to an announcement that could come as both a triumph or a tremendous disappointment to those who read it, relative to the person who is, in fact, reading it: LOVE (ooh, and it's in capitals!) mindblowing, reinventing (and consequently inventing) love. i'd go into more detail on this love, but i think its immense power and energy will unfold as i write, both here and in future entries (of which there will be many, of course, and at a rather accelerated frequency. love inspires).

but what i will say here will be very personal. and, in true tradition to all matters personal, highly ambiguous, for the love i want to convey i wish to be applicable to all.
gian paolo:
made ME love.
opened my eyes.
made me happy (and four and a half seconds spent with me gives the impression that i'm, like, way happy, right off the bat. well that wasn't nothing).
showed me who i was.
made dunkin donuts feel like the petrossian bakery.
made me humble. i feel like i've learned how to honor.
and, for once, at a loss for words.

more to come, as the sun is always rising.