Monday, April 12, 2010

the death knell ringeth again

saturday, april 10th, 2010.
while most of us were awoken by the realization we wasted most of the day in bed, delta burke, no doubt, saw the first light of day shining from her ringing phone. a scratchy answer set off a trumpet blare on the other end, her manager, that probably went something like, "dixie's dead! get out of bed, glue on those falsies and make up some memories, sister, because you're a eulogy away from a new career!"
ya'll loved designing women so don't deny it.

but, seriously, what is with this sudden onset of pop culture mortality? this recent article really cemented the fact that everyone who is anyone has met their demise, and it's befitting a rather morose trend.
last year lost bea arthur, michael jackson, farrah fawcett and patrick swayze. and my grandmother. this year dixie carter, corey haim, john forsythe, and the munchkin coroner from the wizard of oz added a second date to their IMDB profiles. and my aunt.

i'm not sure if any of this has a point, but there is the point where one has to stop and smell the formaldehyde and say, "people, stop dying!"
there also has to be that point where people stop wearing shirts that billow out like mushroom clouds. there's nothing cute about extra room except when it's on an airplane.

later, gators.

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youre sarong. yet so right.