Thursday, March 25, 2010

a slice of the divine


God exposed himself to me today on a slice of chocolate marble pound cake facing outward from the display case at the starbucks on broadway and bleecker. at least i thought it was him. it was clearly a face, a nonchalant expression, just staring at me. it was distorted, of course, just as any face that chooses to manifest itself in a piece of marble pound cake is expected to be abstract. how did i know it was God? because only the really special faces are allowed to form the chocolate swirls of a starbucks 400 calorie slice of marble pound cake into their likeness. he had really droopy cheeks and his eyes were almost sad, but they could have just been preoccupied. i was going to buy the divine slice as i had no doubt all 21 grams of fat would be delicious, but instead i just said "hi" back and made my third request for soymilk from the green-aproned incompetent behind the counter.

sometimes the best faces pop up in the most obscure places.
case-in-point, skip to 2:36 in the above video for one of the best songs of this generation and you'll see the innocently radiant face of a boy who launched a thousand ships, only to have them return because all thousand crews missed him so. he put his face inside God's and look what happened.

today my face says, "frame me with more flattering hair, please, and some vitamin D would be nice--regardless of how allegedly dangerous it is to obtain." i put sunglasses on.


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Anonymous said...

LOL I think said boy was batting his eyelashes at YOU. Okay, maybe even the lovely lady lumps residing at 2:31.