Monday, February 22, 2010

jeepers, creepers

where'd ya get those peepers?

so today is going to be one of those saccharine sweet recollection moments. as i reached for several feet of toilet paper to accommodate the technicolor flood that was to pour out of my nose any second (because mere tissues just don't cut it) i noticed an unopened roll sitting nearby, a testament to a certain roommate's regimented thinking ahead and frequent trips to the costco, the label of which contained the word "embossed!" written in pink.  at first, i thought how silly to make note of the pattern pressed into the very paper used for post-defecation clean-up, but had that small accent not been presented to me in such a vivid hue, and in such an incidental moment, i never would have taken notice of not only this diminutive detail, but so many others casually thrown into life that, when their very collective magnitude is considered, contribute a great deal of beauty into this world. for reals.
so today is dedicated to the small things that make us smile without even realizing it, like those moments in movies or during sitcoms where you find yourself smiling but don't remember actually employing the muscles to arch your mouth into a display of happiness. monday, february 22nd is for the gold strip nailed to the bottom of the doorway threshold with the woodgrain pattern molded into it. it's for the watercolor patterns stamped onto the bounty big roll. it's for the school bus yellow enamel on #2 pencils that, had it not been for some executive decision to make them sunny, could very well have been boring bare wood or industrial black matte.  it's for scented erasers that, even though their intrinsic function is to disappear, please even the most crotchety of noses.  it's for the decorative pattern etched into the stainless steel panels that line elevator cars, giving the idle eye something more amusing to fall upon.  it's for the yellow and blue plastic strips on zip lock bags that combine to make green without fail, each and every time the bag is zipped. pure magic. it's for whomever decided to make salt and pepper dispensers whimsical, giving the person asked to pass them double duty, both enhancing the taste of food and delivering a smile.  it's for the comments that are about to follow...


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thwany said...

it's for happy balloons that have the same color as a new crayola crayon titled 'detailed' would