Wednesday, January 27, 2010

all that's missing is adam lambert

my love's a red vulva...


a two-time attendee of the previous lilith fair music fests, i can say i've a pretty good handle on the concept. it was a celebration of women in music, and past acts that included sheryl crow, natalie merchant and the borderline lady lover in charge, sarah mclachlan, hewed lilith fair a stable place amongst music's finest fests in little over two summers.
it was all about an easygoing couple of hours. get there early, spark up, and let the 20 or so acts lull you into a feminist haze anybody could love, even reluctant boyfriends (who doesn't enjoy swaying to 'everyday is a winding road?').
the best occasion to crack open miller lights perched on your finest tapestry, the lilith fair dissolved just as quickly as it gained momentum and after an 11-year hiatus, it's back, slated to be one of summer's most amazing acts.
or at least that's the plan...and i'm not so sure i'm all that happy about the lineup. i was ecstatic when i heard confirmations included sheryl crow, erykah badu, tegan and sara, norah jones, cat power and heart--i was even still crossing my fingers ani difranco would drag her pink haired ass out for once. but my smile faded as quickly as a frat boy's hard on at an indigo girls show when i read that, joining the aforementioned legends, was ke$ha (the name alone turns my stomach inside out), la roux, AND the gossip! the only mismatch missing is miss adam lambert herself, obviously repudiated due to excessive use of eyeliner. ke$ha's been around for five minutes, and i'm sorry, but crows feet + bad extensions does NOT equal any type of lasting power, dear.
i can just imagine the digestive havoc wreaked when there's glitter in the granola...



Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I think the collection should secure more info then it has.

thwany said...

yeah that girl is so annoying, especially her dumb a$$ name