Wednesday, August 19, 2009

so i wonder

i remember when...i remember i remember when i lost my mind...

ok so i feel this oddly oppressive force totally infringing upon my aura today, and i'm none too pleased about it. this may turn into one of those random entries where random words and phrases are just spit at you by the screen. i suggest you hunker down with something cold and at least 9% alcoholic and enjoy it. it's only 11:51am? that didn't stop you last saturday.

so onward.

i was thinking about that "glug glug" sound that we hear when pouring something slightly more viscous than water out of any sort of narrow-necked bottle. like olive oil, the very substance that sparked my interest in that sound. where does it come from? the wider belly or neck of the bottle? and does the bottle create it or the actual substance inside? it can't very well be the impact of the liquid on the side of the bottle, virtually no force (besides that of gravity) are involved in a simple pouring. yet before it even makes its way out of the bottle, the sound is heard. i just don't get it.

i also don't understand why everything telephone-oriented has become automated. i feel like i've pressed enough buttons to dial the call--operating a remotely controlled vocal response system is not only frustrating, but in the scheme of things, inefficient and completely futile, as we all end up pressing "0" to reach a human being anyway.

and i also can't stand how air conditioning in america is always so fucking frigid. it's air CONDITIONING, people, not air FREEZING. the multi-form machine we refer to as an 'air conditioner' is merely meant to condition the air with an effect as to render it more comfortable amidst stifling hot temperatures.

and overcooked steak. i can't stand that either.

and spam email with seemingly familiar subject lines, like "bryanambition, as per our conversation last night." really? like i'm going to click on that when i can clearly see it's from "cialis4less@dfjalkd;"

ok i think i'm done with shitheadedness for the time being.