Tuesday, December 15, 2009

shameful, sort of

hey mr. arnstein, here i am...

ok i know what i'm about to admit heats to white hot the batallion of bludgeons with my name on them. my ceaseless scrutiny of the wildly popular glee has earned me a sour moment each week among my friends who adore the show, and for good reason. it's an anomaly for someone who's trumpeted showtunes from the womb to disapprove of such a dream come true for many, but all that just went down life's great garbage disposal when the assiduously focused rachel saved the motherfuckin DAY (and the glee club's success at sectionals) with an impromptu, unrehearsed BLAZING performance of the great barbra streisand's "don't rain on my parade."

my sister of the schnoz has a serious set of cords and girlfriend ripped the shit out of this song. babs is, no doubt, proud. now for that madonna sampling we've all been promised...


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