Friday, October 30, 2009

let's talk stalk

lights...models...guest list...just do your best, darling

ok so i had a great idea on the subway today. this idea has occurred to me several times before, of course, but today i actually acknowledged the viability of it and considered actually executing it TOday.
so i think it would be super fun to pick a particularly interesting person riding the same subway as you, and follow them. get off when they get off, and stalk them! yes, stalk them. follow them like you've been hired by a distraught significant other and trace their steps from several feet behind. if they stop at starfucks for a cinnamon latte, you trail two people behind and order a green tea (subsequent preparation time can really slow a stalker down and if your target ducks into a bathroom while you're not looking, it can mean disaster!)
and once you've 'accompanied' them to their destination, you must find the nearest reflective surface and look yourself in the eye and laugh laugh laugh that you've actually just followed someone you didn't know for reasons you've yet to reveal, thus validating every self-deprecating stalker joke you've ever made.

life can be so fun.



keith gould said...

So did you try it out yet??

Ashburn Eng said...

monkey in a bush bar =)