Sunday, October 04, 2009

cumulative smells of the past

**written on the berry, so deal with the lack of italics**

i kind of love when you put on an item of clothing that you wear repeatedly without consistent washes, and it has an aroma of a variety of fragrances, the levels of which you could really distinguish between if you really put the olfactory to work, and how each fragrance, once separated from the amalgamation contained within the fibers of your garment, recalls a particular event or special occurrence. or just relaxing in front of a documentary or six.

yeah, i definitely love that.

and how about the fact that everybody who works at the airport is weird? i'm weird--should i be working at the airport?

peace for now, ya'll. spain, here i come. the BRYANAMBITION tour is back on, bitches.


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FragrantMoments said...

I can definitely appreciate this post. Wild nights, special days, etc all come to mind when you grab a shirt or sweater and a fragrance you were wearing jumps off of it. So true.