Monday, July 27, 2009

nerves on end

wigs was flyin'

so i noticed today that the more dressed up i get, the less i'm able to concentrate and focus on the project(s) at hand. which is all sorts of odd, considering the more ridiculous my outfits are, the more i feel like i can fly in them.
today's ensem was somewhat experimental--a bold, black and white graphic shirt depicting an asian-inspired mountain scene, rather narrative with tigers and tree branches and what not, buttoned low and tucked into a pair of newly-made jean cut-offs that i made this morning. the experimental part was that the jeans were like, a 31 waist--several sizes too big pour mon petit waist, but the relaxed factor added a unique silhouette. at least i thought it was unique in a good way when reflected in all black in the microwave this morning.
as i barreled down broadway, however, the shiny storefronts each told a different colorful story. crown chicken said, "your legs look like sticks," while electronics boutique said, "the fact that these particular bottoms aren't posing a threat to your circulation provide a vastly different look for you--go for it!" the rite-aid, however, had it "rite" with, "if this were a runway, it would totally werk. experimental always works if you have a story to back it up, babe." so into the subway i descended.

then i spent all day thinking about how i can't work because of what i'm wearing.

Xs and Os

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