Wednesday, April 01, 2009


i scraped off my epidermis last night, so i won't be gorgeous until friday.

it looks like one of those personal accounts moments, kids. today started not unlike the most mundane of days. i woke up. ser in the kitch. the girls miserable like me. we're not morning people.
i spent last night in the hallway wearing an oversized light blue gap hoodie that i got for $6.97 back in the day (incidentally, when the gap reduces something to a ridiculously low price ending in .97 it means that it's down to the lowest shit it will sell for) reading a book and listening to brain wave music. i needed a moment of mindless self-indulgence spread over a span of several hours in a sterile space, and where better than our white, chair-railed hallway to accommodate such a spatial need?
i wanted to quote the above song from of montreal, "wraith pinned to the mist and other games," let's pretend we don't exist/let's pretend we're in antarctica.
did you ever wish you could have one of those moments from "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" where you're with the one person you want to say something to, but aren't able, for one reason or another, and it's just you and them and everything is so clear and wide-eyed, sober and quiet and white, and without even talking you can share the exact thought that's burrowing back and forth through your head with a shiny, jagged knife like swiss cheese? i think the two words that matter most here are quiet and white. i need both of those right now.

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