Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I CAN'T of the week

c*mon feel the noize

so last night i had the privilege of seeing 'rock of ages' in all its opening night glory. the crowd was a carefully put together melange of ex-concert goers who weren't too far removed from their lighter-wielding days or the age of aqua netted bleach jobs, the only thing keeping them in 2009 being their brooks brothers suits and updated hair cuts. they, however, were the ones that kept me out of my seat.
the show, all in all, was nothing short of genius. ok, you're giving me shit already: i know, it's not the first of its type of 'jukebox musicals,' and the kitsch factor seriously outweighed the plot, but after screaming my head off trying to sing along to the heavy metallic tunes that formed my musical repertoire of the 80's, i can't find fault with either.

at first, i was like, this reminds me of the time i performed "you's a ho" wearing tap shoes in college, and one of the roommates declared it was "you's a ho: the broadway version." the show's vocal talent basically consists of classically-trained voices singing heavy metal, but on some strange, amp'd level, it works. the guys and gals of broadway rock put just enough raw angst and grunt into their performances, convincing us they could take their ballads and war cries way past karaoke. james carpinello, aka stacee jaxx, is such a natural rock'n roll prick (and i mean that in the nice way), i forgot who was under that rhinestoned and peroxided mess. smashing onto stage crooning "dead or alive," i actually recollected seeing him in concert before, but then realized, "oh, nevermind."
and speaking of concerts, i may be a nasty bitch most of the time, but i do give credit where it is due, and mr. constantine maroulis, you, my friend, are due credit. boy has a set of vocal cords, nothing the idol people have ever heard, lemme tell you. he carried that stage like a pro, ima hope he stays around for the whole run! and who would forget the unforgettable performance(s) of miss amy spanger. at first, i was like, "elle woods, dude." but girlfriend turned her volume way up and ground her way through "harden my heart" and i was bought and sold.

i could go on for days, but that wouldn't leave me time to listen to all the metal songs i just downloaded, and i need some selfish time this week, so deal.
loves ya, betches.

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Aly Samy said...

"You's a Ho" with tap shoes. I can only imagine. Any youtube-based performances you'd like to share? I die!

And I couldn't agree more about Jukebox musicals..