Monday, March 30, 2009

monday i can'ts

i'm sudafedrunk today.

new york city is full of crazy people (big shit, bryanambition. we know this. duh.) but for real. and my highly-medicated state on the subway today really made me more perceptive to the crazy. first, on the 2 train, this old gal emitted a shrill noise, to the dismay and surprise of her fellow passengers, then simply dismissed it with an acknowledging smile. then she did it again. and again. by the third time, i laughed out loud because i realized she didn't care, so why should i?

then on the Q, this old guy was like a patron saint to all the straphangers, in that he vocalized what we were all thinking, but then it got out of hand. "come on, get this fucking thing moving!" he exclaimed. we all nodded in approval. "i don't have time for this!" i mean, you could tell his elevator didn't go to the top floor just by looking at him. but each and every stop elicited another comment from him, and to tell you the truth, those automated trains announcing the stops are too much for me to handle the way it is, and i definitely didn't need this double narration.

one final thought--crazy people always smile at themselves. i think they're genuinely happy.

ok i'm going home to sleep the afternoon (and this horrible flu) off.
peace, bitches.

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Billy said...

Feel better B.