Tuesday, January 20, 2009


i got to thinking today, aside from a lack of public bathrooms (i refer to standalones, barnes & noble doesn't count), there's absolutely no space in the city for someone to go and cry if they need to. i suppose crying isn't released as often as #1 or #2, but it is just as healthy a bodily function, and when you're not home or in a place of sanctuary, you should have a place to go.
in the past three days, i noticed at least one person a day (present company not included, which would make it four) with tears running down their face from reddened, sad eyes. they should have a place to retire to, to reflect within, and where they can truly release the emotion that needs liberation.
i'm taking a short sabbatical from being the perpetual optimist i am to admit that it is, in fact, a sad, sad world and we should be able to cry when, where and how we want. it just shouldn't be inside the uptown 1 station.

i'm out.

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Mister S said...

I prefer to cry while watching Summer's Eve commercials on TV. So sad.