Wednesday, November 19, 2008

but what if?

so think about it--animals can't talk to us in our respective languages, so how do we know what they're feeling? and when they do things, and take certain measures to protect themselves from harm, or the elements, how do we know if it works?
for instance, today i saw this bird putzing around union square, all puffed out to insulate itself from the retardedly cold weather, and even though it didn't look sad, it didn't look happy either (and with barely an eyelid, who can really tell how birds are feeling?) but i wondered, even though this bird is employing every device to protect itself from the cold, is it, in fact, warm? i mean the poor thing didn't even have shoes on, so the bony, scaly feet were on cold, hard concrete. was the bird comfortable?

and ostriches--they're known to bury their heads in the sand when they're afraid of impending danger, which, in theory, is a really stupid thing to do considering impending danger could be a steamroller and maintaining one's position directly in front of it may not prove the best idea. but because it's the only measure they know how to take, are their fears quelled?

because i sure as shit know how to deal with the unsavory stuff that pops up in my life, and my measures don't always work, even when foreign substances are involved. take sleeping, for instance. ever since that fateful night in second grade, when i had my first instance of difficulty sleeping, and ended up throwing up in mrs. mcafee's green aluminum garbage can, i've been told to just close my eyes and sleep will come. yeah. sleep WILL come, if i close my eyes, but only after i've downed a few sleeping pills. so the methods we've instinctively been taught don't always work. and what about when we're cold? do we have a built-in mechanism to protect ourselves from it? no--we put on layers of clothing and what not to offset a frigid death.

just a thought.


ok i know it's been ages, but lemme tell ya--it's been a real shitshow around here, so deal with it. watch this video for now (my new obsession, saint etienne) while i mix up a batch of perversion and lewd mental images.

love ya'll.