Monday, October 13, 2008

fuck me for mon-ee

ohhhh, look! it's me in my underwear! omg can you even? this is sudden death for my career! to quote nick'ish, "social suicide!"
ok i find myself so annoyed after reading this The Daily News . the part about adnan ghalib threatening to release the sex tape involving he, brit brit, and a pink wig for the right price--people, do we still care about sex tapes? honestly--the one night in paris business was a tabloid shaker, but now it seems like everybody's got a little youtube of themselves getting fucked and sucked, and i'm prompted to ask, "so the fuck what?"
if i were you, brit brit, i'd speak up, "show it, adnan! sell it for all the money you can. everybody's see my cooter--it's been on the cover of us weekly numerous times anywho! i'm britney spears, and i'm invincible!"

considering my doubt that this blog makes its humble way to any convents, we all do it. we all have sex, engaging in penetration of some sort, all for the purpose of reaching an orgasm, after which we light up, question the other's satisfaction with the obligatory, "was it good for you?" and roll over to sleep (or, consequently, for round two). lately it's been recorded--oh NO! porn! NONE of us watch porn! the mere thought of watching two people get it on is, well, too much! too vulgar!, perhaps?
yeah--let's face it--with the exception of the aforementioned sisters of divine grace, we all dig porn. it gets us hot, gives us ideas, and, in certain cirCUMstances, makes us giggle, so nobody's in a bad mood while porn is a'blazin'. so why, then, should we be content with reruns of "lust vegas joyride" or "getting a-head?" let's be a bit more adventurous and break out the casio and record our own. people have done this for years, but now that people other than the two (or more) involved in the movie are seeing it, porn is suddenly thrown back in the taboo bin at the blue.
i recently read this article from details dealing with the concept of 'revenge porn,' and i have to say, it further justified my claims that DIY sex tapes are normal, commonplace activities for sexually active people.

so to quote the maker of my favorite air turbulence running shoes, which have carried me from one bed to another, "just do it"

bryanambition ;-)


Steven said...

If you sell the tape of the two of us, I get 50% of the net profits.

Doghigh said...

I'm about to get nekkid on stage tonight and got nekkid in my own blog...I've got virtually nothing left to hide in this arena. I do not however have a sex tape of my own and I think I may have to get on that (so to speak) immediately.

dit said...

they certainly are!