Friday, August 15, 2008

my last nerve

so my morning, which started out absolutely delightfully, was quickly soured when i encountered the above on the subway. some self-righteous bitch and her motherfuckin' baby carriage taking up not one, not two, but THREE seats! three seats, and the rotten baby already has its own!
this really needs to stop. it's rush hour on the subway, sweetie, and there ain't no reason why you and your gross, wrinkly baby need to take up more room than the pathetic space you already do.
i'd like to note that yesterday, michael and i proudly usurped an "expectant mothers" parking space at the mall, sliding our black 'stang right in that shit like our name was painted on the ground. rock on us. but it started up the rant engine, causing me to question the real motivation behind such designated parking spots.
first of all, it's a mall--not the world's fair. walking twenty extra feet won't kill you or your baby. secondly, what could a mother so far in her gestation period that she can barely endure the walk of a parking lot possibly need at the mall? ya can't fit in anything! you should've made all your stops to 'a pea in the pod' months ago. and lastly, it was the garden state friggin plaza. nobody but rich bergen county bitches shop there, and last time i checked, tory burch maternity was available via mail order.

so that, my friends and devotees, is all i have to say about that. more to come, i'm sure, as my extreme exhaustion breeds a height crankiness i've yet to encounter.
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Dantallion said...

Still waiting to hear more crankiness...

Naked Boy said...

Love that u got the bitch's picture.

Beres said...
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AGB said...

amen sista. bitches be trippin.