Friday, August 01, 2008

i kissed a boy and i liked it...

but more on that later.

right now, we're going to discuss my newest pastime--drugstore mad libs in the haircare aisle!
so one night, after a particularly lively bar scene, the boys and i ventured into a duane reade for some late-night essentials. my dear friend michael and i sauntered about while items were found, and ended up in the haircare aisle, a section i've always found daunting and quite off-putting. since i had a little in me, my perversities started to pop up like little blisters, and i took notice of the promiscuous names of the very gels and goos we put into our hair every day--rough, sleek, grease, hard, fast, grip tight, finish up! it was a virtual pornography section in the duane reade! so michael and i quickly got to arranging the products to form a syntax-lacking, yet highly mouthwatering statement. read for yourself.

so now it's your turn to proliferate this newfound game! get busy, boys and girls.

'till next time.


Sarah said...

Bryan, I love you.


dit said...

Very creative Bryan. No wonder you are so loved.

Anonymous said...

that shit is expensive.