Monday, July 07, 2008


so HERE's a fantastic idea--now you can get your very own dose of bryanambition! every tuesday, i'm turning the gilded tongue into an advice column, answering YOUR questions with all types of solutions!
simply email your question to, and let peace of mind begin.
of course, i'll practice diligent discretion when publishing the questions and answers, protecting your privacy and all, so i suggest you tell all your friends so i can spend all day tomo digging for resolutions.

bon soir!


dit said...

This is gonna get good! I can feel it. lol

Christopher said...

What a handsome devil!

Doghigh said...

Good lord do I have questions...

Alexander Tome said...

so i have this friend, he's an editor at some magazine (black-something?, slutever), and, well, he's a total bitch and I don't know how to tell him I hate him. Any idea how I could go about that?