Monday, June 23, 2008

so weird

i'm having a small existential issue today. i can't help wondering about the validity of everything. this never happens to me, so i'm allowed to experience the rarity. i'm also the most uncynical, optimistic person ever.
so while walking through barnes&noble, seeking out a certain children's book of yore, i noticed they had a series of travel games for sale, based on the full-sized board games. they were called, "20-minute game breaks" and came with a timer to ensure the required length of play, and i couldn't help but wonder if the timer was actually a perfect 20 minutes. probably not--it could be a second or two off, or even half-a-second, but that's close enough, so it really doesn't matter. but for some reason, it really bothered me that i knew that timer didn't actually measure up to the 20 minutes it claimed to span.
which opened a floodgate of cynicism and doubt. what if my gastroenterologist just didn't care, and refused to tell me that there's a colony of kangaroo rats living in my intestines? or the woman on the phone who says they're doing "everything they possibly can" for you is actually filing her nails and forgets your very name. or what if the police that are meant to protect you and the city in which you live are actually this fraternal order of arcane brothers and cause the very crime they're supposed to stop?
i know this is completely mental, and absolutely no way to live, but it's a thought.
i'll follow up with something much less neurotic tomorrow.

and that's all for now.

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Doghigh said...

Actually the neurotic break was pretty refreshing. I like that color on you. You wear it well :-)