Wednesday, June 04, 2008

so here it is

here i sit, minutes before leaving for my very first bikram yoga class. it's my therapy (or at least it's going to be...i'm entering the realm of spiritual enlightenment in lieu of hardcore antianxiety drugs). basically, something really awful occurred in my life. or should i say to my life. other than a part of me, nobody died, but as with humans and animals alike, when the death hits, ya gotta shake it off and buy some shoes.
that, of course, has never really been said, but as i step onto the proverbial road to recovery (and that road actually begins on 145th and broadway) i think it's completely normal to make random declarations as little calibrations on my spiritual yardstick. they give me a sense of space. of progress. and they remind me a little bitch does, indeed, still dwell inside.
so not long ago, my boy jay ceased his otherwise consistently entertaining blog in favor of a fresh approach. i believe the time draws near for me to do the same. maybe what i've said isn't, in essence, the 'f-ing truth.' maybe it's only my truth. maybe i should have reconsidered the use of a hyphen when alluding to 'f-ing,' (another option is effing, no?). and maybe when i get home from sweating my life and sadness out at bikram yoga, i'll have forgotten all about this little philosophical moment and keep on preaching the f-ing truth.
contingency aside, what i will guarantee is that this boy won't be down for long, and the best is yet to come.
so thanks for being patient during the month of may, as my blog has been rather f-ing mad at me for not paying him ample attention, and he's enough to deal with (although those of you who've emailed me...bless your hearts and fingers!)



jay said...

Aw! We all know the best is yet to come. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger right?

In whatever form you return (new blog or old), we will be here!

Chicago's Bi Guy said...

I've taken bikram yoga and it is one of the most amazing classes to take. It gets my body feeling amazing. Oh and you sweat your butt of in there. Please let me know what you think about the class. Oh and if your instructor is anything like mine you're get a quick "massage" after the class. And no for all you perverts I'm not talking anything sex wise.

Doghigh said...

Good to hear something from you - I have thought about you and sending good thoughts your way!!