Wednesday, June 18, 2008

has conde nast gone geriatric?

is it me, or has conde nast, more specifically vogue, followed the silversteins and migrated with the rest of the old farts to the desert of new mexico? granted, one of the above covers is older than anna, but the desert is getting a tad old!
omg i'm starting to sound like perez.

in better news, i'm getting a new bed today. although i'm not sure if this comes as a good or bad thing, considering the circumstances that forced me to procure the new sleep digs (not bedbugs, or any pest infestation, for that matter) but a rather off-putting situation that caused the aforementioned lull in scathing activity.

anywho. as i listlessly wait for the delivery, silently damning the warm sun/cold air combo that makes getting a flash tan virtually impossible, i've realized how much i've missed daytime television. frasier rocks.


Steven said...

Hmmm... inquiring minds want to know about the 'infestation' in your bed.


hello NOT an infestation ;-)
haha more like, 'this bed ain't workin...get out and get a new one.'

dit said...

So much desert, so little time? Not sure why so many directors and photographers choose the desert as a backdrop. Sort of a natural seamless. The Badwater Salt flats in Death Valley are amazing.

Hope this new bed gets you "workin" lol

Christopher said...

So, the old mattress saw too much action and had to be replaced? Good for you!

Psst...consider yourself tagged:

Doghigh said...

H-HATE the warm sun/cold air combo!! And I'm not even looking for a tan.

And to be clear nothing is older and drier than Anna. Nothing.

If only the aforementioned cold air would blow her into oblivion.