Monday, March 24, 2008

today is...

omar sharif monday.
and every monday hereafter shall also be known as "omar sharif monday."
because if i had even the slightest interest in children, and could concoct my ideal child, he (of course it would be a boy) too would have an egyptian father and french mother. now, i know what you're thinking, "but bryanambition--what about the indians? i thought you were devoted to them?" to which i reply, while the indians are, indeed, my favorite people on the whole planet, they're too sacred to just have running around the house, breaking things and getting brush burns. indians should be appreciated and loved from afar, or, like i've said before, except when you're loving them up close.

so hats off to omar sharif.


about a boy said...

go omar!

Silly Billy said...

No Bryan, hats off to you, for making me laugh.

And yes, lets get together soon. I am sure I will be enjoying a happy hour somewhere on Friday if you are around.

Go Nightly said...

every monday?

every monday!