Friday, February 15, 2008

yeah, i'm alive

I'm also in houston at an airport...but not just any airport, the offish 'george bush international airport.' Now, I know the first one wasn't as bad as the second, but really--who else is to blame? His misguided sperm?

Anywho--so it's been like three weeks since my last valid post, and honestly, I have three very valid reasons for that--deadline at work, fashion week, and just this past week, las vegas.
Yes, that's right kids--i took some much-needed time off from my beloved job abd took a vacation to sin city...NOT! (F-Ya'll-I)vegas is probably the last place I'd escape to for a vacay. I don't gamble, I don't smoke, and I'm not purchasing my prada from a casino. But amidst the otherwise hectic week, I did manage to have a terrific time out with some spesh peeps I haven't seen in a while. Hats off to my Operations bitches!

it wouldn't be a bryanambition post without a rant, so here goes: airplane boarding procedures. Seriously, what happened to the good old days where first-class boarded first, followed by the commoners, the plane took off, and we were all en route?
Now, thanks to loyalty gone awry, boarding goes something like this:
"Attention passengers, this is flight #1632 to los angeles international airport in los angeles, california (oh, THAT los angeles--thanks). Right now we welcome our first class passengers to board the aircraft...[5 mins later] now we welcome our diamond elite class members to board...[5 more mins] now we invite our platinum awards members to board...[4 minutes later] now our red points plus members...[4 mins later] now our orange points plus members...yellow members can now board...we'd like to welcome our green points plus members at this members may now board...attention passengers we now invite our indigo points plus miles awards members to board...violet members may now board the aircraft...chartreuse awards members may now board the aircraft...and finally, all the rest of you poor motherfuckers can board...and at this time it's to be noted that we are indeed severely delayed due to our asinine boarding procedures.

Wish me luck getting home, kids!!


about a boy said...

i miss you.

jay said...

Dude that was fricking hilarious. love your rants. LOL.