Friday, January 11, 2008

my premier half nekkid thursday

ok so this is my first, and seminal, i'd imagine, half nekkid thursday. or is the hyphenated "half-nekkid" thursday more appropriate? i suppose neither are conventionally appropriate, but i digress. i don't know what took me so long to begin my weekly lascivious contributions, but i owe chris-in-briefs a big thank you for his union suit photo series, which provided just the impetus i needed!
so happy thursday.

tonight was pretty rotten. i get home late from work, and when i saw the time was 8:47, i realized i had less than 13 minutes to avert a total crisis: i was out of graham crackers. in my house, graham crackers aren't a mere occasional snack, nor are they a novelty food. they're a food group. if a box of graham crackers lasts me two days, that's efficient.
so i run outside to the associated food store right around the corner and arrive at 8:50. not bad...but to my dismay and utter shock, they're closed! CLOSED! the sign clearly says they close at 9pm, and from past rushes, i know for a fact that they never close early. i hath been proven wrong.
so i took my chances and a rather lengthy stroll over to the next nearest food store, a key foods. now if you know anything about the astoria/long island city vicinity, as far as the hierarchy of food stores is considered, key foods is right above the associated (only to be topped by the c-town), so i thought my trip there would be not only fruitful, yielding the said box of graham crackers, but also pleasurable and easy.
wrong again. thankfully open until 10, i found the store to be a total mess, and the "cracker aisle" to be hidden in some far out, lonesome corner of the store, NOT directly across from the cereals, like in normal stores. so, long story short, i got the damn crackers, and now i can be happy.

the moral of the story is, half-nekkid thursday or not, stock up on graham crackers.

it's nancy grace time, bitches. i'm out.


Steven said...

You have more than a couple of chest hairs (referring to your rant a couple of posts ago).

Doghigh said...

I have been there!! I had a major graham cracker addiction for years that I only kicked a year or so ago. Even so I still gaze longingly at the little blue box and with the accompanying little yellow bee when visiting Gristede's or The Food Emporium (although I have an Associated directly across the street I refuse to go there...worst customer service in the city...but I digress).

Oh...and nice start to HNT!

Eric said...

Man. I was so very turned on right until the end. And then you said Nancy Grace. :-) said...

When will u start Fully-naked Fridays?