Tuesday, January 08, 2008


hot damn!! girlfriend nancy grace is BACK! she spawned her chilluns and thank heavens, she's back with us!
the queen of mean (well, maybe that was a bit harsh...she's a nice mean) is back in the saddle and is gonna ride her stallion 'round the rodeo!

however i'm not sure how long i can watch this particular episode. all i'm seeing are live satellite pictures of these children in her nursery. and despite the occasional reminder that the real topic will surround britney spears, the subject keeps veering back toward nancy's pulmonary blood clots and edema that made her delivery a little less convenient.
i couldn't be any happier that nancy's back, and maybe even a little that she's now got children, but for goodness' sake, i'm in the mood to watch britney get a new asshole!



ok i'm going to commence this by saying, why does EVERYBODY who calls in, every SINGLE desperate, overly-sentimental empathizer that dials the number, have to cry? nanc may be a hard ass, but she's a real softie tonight.
if i called in, i wouldn't cry. that's for sure. i save that shit for the movies.

Silly Billy said...

You soooooo HAVE to call in and tape that shit for us all!