Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i'm a total masochist

i'm rotten. not only to others, on occasion, but to myself.

so i haven't eaten in 24 hours, nor do i plan on passing anything edible past these lips anytime soon. no, i'm not on some zen plan to cleanse my body of dietary iniquities, nor do i periodically starve myself for shits and giggles. a pound to me is a vital measurement.
no, i've some serious stomach surgeticals tomorrow, so i've got to fast...fast.

so normal people, while faced with this challenge, would comfort themselves watching their favorite movies, closing their eyes when scenes take place during eating. but me, i've tuned into the food network to watch the mini-marathon of 'unwrapped: southern favorites." cheesy biscuits, gumbo, pecan pie.
i'm on the verge of death here.

i'm out kids. see you in recovery.

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Silly Billy said...

Hmmm, that sounds like torture. Whatever you are having done, best of luck and feel better soon.