Friday, January 25, 2008

half-nekkid thursday!

so since i was such a flake last week, i had to reconcile with a particularly revealing pic this week...and because i've spent this week cocooned by the photographic inspiration of man ray and guy bourdin, i had to photoshopfuck this pic a bit.

so i think today should be dedicated to the cultural zeitgeist known as clueless. i mean, at the very essence, it's based on jane austen's emma, and regardless of whether you were a cheerleader or green-haired freak, you SO wanted to be one of those girls. i won't even entertain a thought to the contrary. they were young, fresh, smart (not to mention smart-ass), and even though they were savvy and pretty and had the total package, they weren't portrayed as the typical "A-group" popular girls. the movie also chronicled the heartaches and woes such girls inevitably experienced, of course never to be seen by the common eye.

so to clueless!!

i'm out, bitches.


hapaxlegomenons said...

Mmmmmmm, H.O.T.!

Dantallion said...

I like it. Very artsy.

about a boy said...

you are looking good young man! i miss you!