Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more carol grievances

so here goes yet another grievance with yet another traditional Christmas carol. the old classic "mistletoe and holly," that goes, "oh, by gosh, by golly--it's time for mistletoe and holly..." and then the line of question hits, "...tasty pheasants, Christmas presents, countrysides covered with snow--" wait a minute. who eats PHEASANT for Christmas? maybe at one time it was the norm for those backwater people who also happen to consider rats a hard-to-catch delicacy, but not even ina makes pheasant. and if paula deen stays away from it, you know it's not normal.

so stay away from pheasants and weird Christmas songs.

i'm out.

and p.s. it wouldn't kill you to post a commment or two.


David said...

Okay, will do.

Hi, here's a post.

Err. Now what?

Chef Shaya said...

EXCUSE ME! As a chef, I have to say - Pheasant is delicious! If Fag Hag Ina doesn't use it - it's because she's retarded (by the way - must I point out that she has no formal culinary training? She used to work in the freakin white house in their BUDGET department....yeah, I imagine that makes for endless experience with food!)

NOW! As for Paula...I love her dearly! Hell - she made butter the new black! Everyone's eating it! But bitch knows pork and chicken....occasionally beef. When have you EVER seen her stray from those southern basics? Hell - she hasn't even made quail!!!

SO - if you're going to reference chefs....don't go by Ina and Paula....(at least you didn't mention Sandra Lee...ugh!)

The Neighbors Will Hear said...

Usually when people speak of "traditional" with respect to Christmas carols, they mean something that's hundreds of years old and of unknown authorship. You know, like "The Holly and the Ivy." I suppose that "classic" is a much more flexible term these days, but it's tough to think of "Mistletoe and Holly" as either traditional or classic. It was written in the 1950s by Frank Sinatra and a couple of other guys.

I agree with the "weird" assessment, however.