Friday, November 09, 2007

it's offish!

i'm running the ny marathon next year. totally.
for the past four years, i've vaguely followed the ny marathon; a tad on the radio, tv coverage, and one year, i was even unfortunate enough to be amongst the fast-paced mayhem on the day of the show (ya'll).
and every year, i say the same thing: i run; i like to run; i can run relatively great distances; i should run the marathon. and so i hike to the b&n and indulge on training books and get myself psyched and run for a few consecutive days, carbo loading by night and detoxing by day, and then the weather gets increasingly colder and the thought of running at 8am during the bitter winter months gets older and i eventually abandon my marathon endeavor (no pun intended) and concentrate on mastering something else (which is, incidentally, how i've since ended up with the entire library of rodney yee yoga dvds, but i digress) and Christmas comes and i go home and think of how cool it would be to tell all my relatives that i ran the marathon and all, yet retaining that loser feeling that i never actually did.

this year, howev, all will be different. i'm going to train the shit out of my body, not paying any attention to the winter brutality that lies ahead (maybe we'll get lucky and this will be the year of global warming, providing us with an unseasonably warm clime) and i'll run daily through december and january, dressed merely in a sporty fleece to brave the nipply-but-not-altogether-horrific 50-degree weather and it won't snow at all and before i know it, it'll be may and gorgeous.
and then the summer will come and i'll have to cut my alcohol consumption by at least half to preserve the tip-top shape my body will undoubtedly be in by that time, but it'll be ok because i can just provide the excuse that never gets old, "oh i'm training for the marathon."
and then november will come and i'll run the 26.3 miles and wear one of those fancy schmancy shiny coats (reminiscent of yetta on 'the nanny') and thousands of my friends will come out with "GO BRYANAMBITION" signs and i'll be symbol of hope for all and all sorts of great things will happen.

but for today, i'm eating a juice-based diet because the thai i had for dinner last night, while it tasted simply delish, didn't exactly have passionate sex with my digestive system and so i'm making for a speedy recov today.

so i have to go get juice from the juice bar.

so i'm out.

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