Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it was so not right

ok something awful happened tonight. something really, really horrible. more terrible than a bacterial infection. more graphic than an episode of 'house.' and certainly more immorally horrific than that dancing girl with cerebral palsy that made the rounds on youtube.
and before i tell you what it is, i'll provide some background. it's a website that's been on the internet for some time now. it's certainly not new, nor is its graphic content. but it's the first time i saw it, and the fact that the recorded reactions to it (also quite famous on youtube), from which i culled the priceless image above, horrify potential viewers to the extent they don't watch it at all, must mean it's pretty damn bad.

and let's get one thing straight: nothing freaks me out. i've been around, kids. i could be the fuckin' president of the john waters fan club. i've seen it all, and invented more of my own. i was the badass who got straight a's and sneaked porn behind his churchgoing parents' backs. i've run naked around my building more than once, and i've done my own version of the rain dance on my roof. i've thrown up and swallowed it again (not part of pledging, it was kind of involuntary, born from the necessity to breathe, and the mere realization of what i had just done made it all come back up again anyway). i've willingly peed my pants (at last year's heatherette spring 07 show, i wasn't giving my third-row seat up for anybody). i've almost eaten out vaginas before (i'm aware the gross factor of that one may be contested by some). i've thrown up blood (tonsilectomies ain't pretty) and i've eaten cuticles.

but nothing prepared me for this.

it's this little website called "2girls1cup.com." now don't go racing to it this minute. this is serious business. i've seen some pretty raunchy porn, girls squirting and all, and those asians can put out some nasty-ass flicks too, but damn--this isn't even porn. this isn't even raunch. this...this, well--you'll just have to watch it yourself. it's beyond appalling. it's beyond frightening. it's beyond horribly disgusting. it's special.

now go watch it and leave a friggin comment when you're done.
and don't say i didn't warn you (even though i clearly didn't.)

i'm out kids.


Silly Billy said...

Wow, I am scared to look now.

V.Jay Kendall said...

I wonder if all that is a camera trick. Its that bad... You hope that people would not stoop down to that level.

Anyways, I am scar'd now but its something I needed to see.

My reaction was priceless.

DavisMcDavis said...

Ha! I totally knew what you were talking about by the way you were talking around it because it's too disgusting to describe directly. It's like how you can't actually look directly at an eclipse - you need to circle around how you describe the Cup Chicks while avoiding use of the word "poop" and... oh, let's just stop there. Bleccch. I heard about it like two weeks ago and saw brief seconds of it back then before closing the window - I will never be able to scrub my mind clean.