Friday, November 16, 2007

the good ol' days

sad bryanambition.

so how do we hold onto our fondest memories? i was abruptly prompted with this question while riding the V-as-in-vagina train home tonight, and on the shuffle mode, my ipod came upon 'it feels so good' by sonique.
damn, the memories flooded in. cut to me in my freshman dorm, getting ready to go to the tunnel on a saturday night, dressed in some skimpy ass shirt, ripped up jeans, no underwear, drenched in cologne, decked with a fake tattoo and donning candy bracelets and self-applied highlights.

i've come a long way.

but i can still smell the gilette deodorant and see the tartan bedspread and actually be reassured that trey was driving us there in his lexus, and that my oxygenated rehydrating spray would be in the back seat.
oh, and that some fellow twink would happily be awaiting my eager tongue and wandering hands in the kenny scharf room.
or riding six in the back seat (of the lexus) en route to lucky cheng's, where i'd sing vogue karaoke and poke the drag queens to give this underage ball of fabulosity a pink pussy (it's a drink) or two.

Being 18 fuggin ruled.

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