Thursday, July 12, 2007

it's 1:33 am

and i can't sleep because i'm consumed by the fact that i have a crush on somebody.
it's somebody i know reeeeeeeeally well, and i feel that if i tell them, it'll ruin things. ok, fine: it's me. yes, i've got a crush on myself, sort of.

so last night, i had this really intense dream where i was back in college, and because it was a dream, i omnisciently saw over everything, while also kind of participating in it. but i also ended up falling in love with the character also known as moi...isn't that weird?
[the following is SO not me stroking my own ego or anything, or being conceited--it's merely my expression of my thoughts concerning this matter]
so he was really cute. tall, tan, thin, nice and scruffy--and he had a huge nose. a gorgeous nose, and the left nostril---HIS left nostril--was pierced, which is such a huge turn-on for me. and he had one of those, "i don't give a fuck" attitudes, which i've always found so alluring.
but his name was bryan...and through the course of my dream, despite the fact that he ended up being a total homebody who'd rather pass up a game of flip cup with his [hot] roommate and his [also super hot and somewhat questionably gay] fraternity brothers, he had a roaring social life.

ok i'm not sure if the above is fabricated, and if it is, how much. and if how much, how little? i mean, have you ever had a dream about yourself and ended up having a crush oh him/her?

i'm out.

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