Tuesday, January 16, 2007

the hills are alive with the sound of sitars!

and so the world has become a brighter place!! two of the biggest names in bollywood have announced their engagement! abhishek bachchan and aishwarya rai are getting hitched, and i'm sure with no less splendor than the grandest of indian weddings. the hottest man in india and the former miss world deserve only the best. i'm seeing elephants, headdresses, and an entire wardrobe's worth of those intricately detailed saris from dolce & gabbana. nothing but the best for the planet's most regal race!
i'm hoping kal penn gets an invitation...and takes moi as his date. has anyone seen him on 24 lately? a little older, yes, but nonetheless HOT as usual! good stuff.

so down to the wire of the day. i'm really pissed at mario/aka perez hilton. he may be the 'queen of all media,' but the queen of all fashion he is not! i'm sick of him making completely unfounded conclusions about fashion related topics. let's start with his referring to the new miu miu campaign as one of "the worst fashion campaigns ever."

one look at this vibrant, strong ad and there's no contesting it's incredible! i'm no fan of lohan myself, but it's fuckin hot! and miuccia obviously didn't choose her to rep the brand based on her reputation or questionable habits. (please--if drugs were an issue, there wouldn't be such thing as fashion week). she was chosen because of her look. i highly doubt they speculate posing lindsay as the face of miu miu that they'll sell more clothing. the average lohan fan from tacoma can't even afford miu miu. but i digress.
it's a gorgeous ad, and who is perez to say that it's not? this coming from someone who wears circus tents as jackets.

issue number 2 is, quite personally, the worst. don't knock my cam.

SHE LOOKS FUCKING AMAZING!! cameron is channeling marilyn monroe meets snow white, and she more than succeeds! perez says that she must've borrowed her dress from bjork's wardrobe. HELLO, it's VALENTINO! of course there's going to be ruffles! of course there's going to be organza! of course there's going to be a gawdy lot going on! it's haute couture. not juicy couture, perez. there IS a difference, and if you knew the first thing about high fashion, beyond your macy*s subsidized wardrobe, you would clearly have seen cam's point and lauded her choice as the success it is.

so there, i said it.

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