Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the word of the day is

"last time i took someone's word for it..."
so today, while eavesdropping, as usual, on the conversation behind me, i overheard a colleague remark, "she said to take her word for it." my mind snapped into action, like a rubber band. "time for a witty remark," i thought.
so i turned around, and as nonchalantly as putting a stack of napkins in a drawer, i said, "last time i took someone's word for it, i ended up with crabs."**
the look of horror on their faces would've made any mother cry. stunning.

so, kids, your assignment today is to contribute to the vice "the last time i took someone's word for it" pool. and keep it dirty.

**this statement is obviously untrue, but if it'll make you happier to think i once endured an std, by all means keep it.

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