Thursday, November 16, 2006

rude awakening

so this morning, as i struggled to stay upright against the couch while my morning raged on, the usual commercial lineup of lifetime tv played as usual: campbell's tomato soup...the sunday movie premiere ("murder in the hamptons"), and sally field's new venture, the osteoporosis solution boniva. then suddenly, a familiar tune caught my ear--rock the casbah! just the melody, mind you, but played to the most obscure of visuals-a DRYEL commercial! the home dry-cleaning system, complete with an 800 number and all, was being acted out by some brunette to the tune of one of my top 5 iTunes played songs! go fig. what would inspire such a combination?
what correlation does 'rock the casbah' and dryel have in common?
i'm perplexed...i really am.

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