Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ny stuff

so it's no wonder the apple logo is stylistically formed out of a rainbow--the store is a haven for cruising! not since the viewing booths at chelsea's "the blue" have i seen such aggressive attempts at picking up guys. i walked into the soho location to expedite purchasing an iTrip for the car so, naturally, i had electronics on my mind. motherboards and shiny black lacquer and technical words such as "upgrade" and "operating system." i thought 75% of the other shoppers had the same mindset (the other 25% are those bridge-and-tunnel weirdos who use the apple store solely for checking their email). i was wrong. i walked in, made a beeline directly to the section that i THOUGHT contained the selection of car adapters, realized i had gone to the wrong part, and looked around to correct myself. no sooner had i looked up from the floor was my gaze greeted by a shaggy-haired "abercrombie-type" (you can't imagine the restraint i must use right now to prevent myself from vomiting from using that term, but really--their shallow efforts deserve just as shallow a title) who was clearly looking for a little more than a laptop. i made my disgust evident as i looked away, only to catch yet ANOTHER pair of hungry eyes! i know i'm hot shit strutting around in there, i dress myself, but i'm not exactly on display in a window somewhere. oh, hell, i love the attention.

it's quite sad that it's come to this, really, especially with the multitude of other more apt crusing spots available in this gay old city. i mean, when you think about it, the apple store is really a glorified radio shack with much chicer merchandise, and when's the last time you heard yourself recalling "the hot guy from radio shack"?

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