Tuesday, July 04, 2006

grrrr, newark

well, you sure don't have to be an italian str8 acting dom jock to know they must've scored some big gain in today's world cup game. if you're in newark, all you need is a functioning set of ears. i just went from a moment of silence (disregarding, of course, the sci-fi channel's 'twilight zone' marathon in the background) to an uproar of screams, shouts, car horns and aerosol bullhorns. "what on earth?" i thought to myself.

previously, it had been the local brazilian, portuguese, and ecuadorian populations that so noisily rejoiced when their respective teams won these games, but not this. not my people. now the italians are the latest ethnicity to create this audible spectacle of celebration.
now don't think i'm hating on any certain culture here--i really don't give a damn who's out there swinging flags and hanging out of car windows, or what their ethnicity is. what i do care about, however, is the way in which they do it. does one think, "oh, if our team wins the world cup today, let's get in the car, drive all around newark, beeping our horns to some sort of song, and hang out the windows!" they probably fill up their gas tanks the night before to prepare for such a ritual.
do the girls all congregate around the tv and sew skimpy little dresses out of flags, even if they're unsure of who's going to win? i mean, WHO DOES THAT? there's got to be some law against the hanging out of car windows...unless you're a dog, of course, and there are many a mutt dragged into the festivities. believe me.

i've heard of people whistling out their front doors and beating pots and pans with spoons...or maybe that's just a pennsylvania new year's thing, but the traffic's a blur of italian flags and all these ragazze calde shaking it all over the place, and it's just too much. what happened to a few beers in front of the tv?

on that note, today is independence day. american independence day. AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE DAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! put away the damn red, white and GREEN and flaunt the friggin stars and stripes!

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sometimes those str8 acting italians are hotties1
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